Fortec was engaged by Ventia / Main Roads WA to
undertake emergency pile repairs to Maitland River Bridge.


Our scope of works included:

  • Submission for approval by Main Roads Management Plans.
  • Construct access to Pier 4.
    – Construct causeway from abutment to pier 4 using road base approximately 51m long x 2m   wide x 1.5m deep.
  • Temporary footings.
    – Form and pour temporary footings for bridge propping system.
  • Install propping and beams.
  • Pile repair.
    – Brake back and scabble existing concrete.
    – Grit blast existing reinforcement.
    – High pressure water jet existing concrete.
    – Apply Zinchrich to existing reinforcing bar.
    – Install Galvashield Anodes and additional reinforcement.
    – Form pile caps 900mm diameter steel shutters.
    – Pour LA55 encasement.
    – Allow 7 days cure prior to stripping formwork and removing props.
  • Clean up and demobilise from site.


  • All works were self-performed by Fortec.
  • Quick mobilisation to site.
  • Work was completed to client satisfaction.


  • Bridge Maintenance

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