The concrete piles on bridges 3025A & 3026A were
showing signs of cracking and corrosion to the steel
reinforcement and concrete damage in the flood zone.


Some damage had also been identified under bridge 4549A. As part of their maintenance program, MRWA engaged Fortec, through its parent company Ertech, to complete specific maintenance of bridges 3025A & 3026A on the Northampton Kalbarri Road and bridge 4549A on East Chapman Road.

The scope included:

  • Waterproofing and sealing of exposed concrete bridge deck.
  • Breaking out and repairs to all concrete bridge piles.
  • Apply protective coating to all bridge piles once repairs are completed.
  • Extension of off-bridge guard railing to 22.5m on bridge 3025A and bridge 3026A.
  • Break out and repair of cracks and concrete repairs to spall to pier 3 footing on bridge 4549A.
  • Minor earthworks.
  • Traffic management.


  • Repair of piles carried out on bridge while maintaining vehicle access.


  • Bridge Maintenance

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