Completed in 1972, this concrete bridge is cable-stayed with a semi-fan system. Located in Perth’s CBD, it  functions as a bicycle and pedestrian crossing.


The project works included the installation of a new pre-cast concrete mast, new cable stays, along with LED feature lighting on the mast and deck. The scope of works included:

  • Installation of temporary mast and cable stays.
  • Transfer of loads from old cable stays to temporary stays and mast.
  • Removal of old mast and stays.
  • Installation of new precast mast in 3 sections with post tensioning bars connecting the sections and installation of new cable stays.
  • Transfer of loads from temporary mast and stays to permanent mast and stays.
  • Removal of all temporary works.
  • Application of protective and anti-graffiti paint.
  • Reinforcement of the balustrade.
  • Installation of LED feature lighting.


  • First use of MK4 multi strand cable stay system in Australia.
  • Works completed safely while working over a live freeway with no full road closures required.
  • We changed the temporary cable stay attachment from an external steel cradle to a central connection through the bridge with the advantage of completing all stressing works during the day with no lane closures and saving on public disruption and programme time.


  • Bridge Maintenance

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