John Holland engaged Fortec Australia to provide micro
fine cement grout permeation to Broun Avenue bridge

The existing structure has two abutments and a central pier built on relatively shallow footings and required increased capacity for the new Northlink Project.

Grout blocks were formed using low pressure installation with spears and performance of the grout block was measured by trial pits and taking coring samples which achieved a minimum uniaxial compressive strength of 2Mpa.

The scope included:

  • Mobilisation to site on self-contained grout truck.
  • Flushing 544 no grout spears to depth.
  • Low pressure grouting of 16,800 litres of microfine cement grout under footings.
  • Coring and testing of samples.


  • All works were self-performed by Fortec meeting client specification.
  • The project was completed ahead of the client schedule.


  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Drilling & Grouting

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