The amphitheatre is located in an old limestone quarry
located in the Town of Cambridge. The venue is used
extensively between October and May for a range of events from ballet to concerts and large weddings.


Safety concerns were raised over the stability of the crest due to small rocks falling from height into the amphitheatre. A geotechnical report released in 2010 suggested that the crest of the quarry be de-vegetated and a steel mesh and geofabric be installed to promote crest stability.

For the crest to be safely accessed, Fortec installed a permanent ground anchor system to utilise as
a fall restraint point. Each anchor was drilled 1.5m into the ground, 3m from the crest and grouted in before being load tested to 24 kN.

Once safe access was established Fortec was able to safely remove the vegetation and install the Geobrugg Greenax mesh.

The installation of Greenax mesh and anchors should allow safe access to maintain the crest and prevent small scats from causing injuries for the next 50 years.


  • Performed safely.
  • High profile location.
  • No damage to quarry surface below.


  • Ground Anchoring
  • Slope Stabilisation

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