Fortec was engaged by Downer Group to provide post
tensioning services to Rubyanna Waste Water Treatment Plant.


The Rubyanna WWTP project comprises the following major components:

  • Raw wastewater transfer system from East Bundaberg to Rubyanna.
  • 50,000 person capacity Rubyanna WWTP on greenfield site 8km north east of Bundaberg.
  • Treated effluent outfall pipeline and submarine discharge into the Burnett River.

The scope of works for the project included:

  • Provision of shop drawings.
  • Supply of post tensioning materials.
  • Fix recess forms and anchorages.
  • Place and fix ducting and duct chairs.
  • Install tendons.
  • Stress tendons.
  • Grout tendons.


  • MTI/LTI free.
  • First project with this client.
  • First regional project conducted in Queensland.


  • Post Tensioning

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