The Station Street Market Redevelopment consists of the construction of a 6 level mixed use commercial building.


The new structure will house 2 levels of basement parking, 2 levels of retail shopping and 2 levels of combined office space and parking bays.

Fortec were awarded the contract to design and construct the PT slabs for this multi-level mixed use development at the site of the former Station Street Markets in Subiaco. Fortec designed approximately 23,000m2 of floor area with 130T of PT and 210T of reinforcement.

The scope included:

  • Design and detail post tensioned floors.
  • Fix recess forms and anchorages.
  • Place and fix ducting.
  • Install tendons.
  • Stress tendons.
  • Grout tendons.


  • All works were self-performed by Fortec.
  • Completed to budget.
  • Design and site works completed on programme.


  • Post Tensioning

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