Wellington Dam is a 34m high concrete gravity dam on
the Collie River south of Perth located approximately 200 kilometres east of Bunbury.


The dam wall was strengthened between 2009-2011 with the installation of 40 post tensioned anchors of up to 91 strands.

Monitoring of the anchors was required to verify the residual force in the anchors after 8 years of service and additionally to visually inspect the anchorage assemblies and reapply the corrosion protection (denso grease and tape) as required.

Fortec tested 8 permanent anchors:

  • 1 x 31 strand.
  • 1 x 55 strand.
  • 7 x 91 strand.

The monitoring methodology was conducted using the original Canning Dam load cell in the 91 strand Load Cell configuration with 13 x 1,412 KN hydraulic cylinders with a new strand pulling barrel fabricated to suit the Wellington Dam anchorheads. The hydraulic cylinders were serviced,
resealed, hydraulic hoses & fittings replaced as required and the load cell recalibrated for the project.


  • All works were self-performed by Fortec.
  • First dam anchor lift off project.
  • Client was able to modify existing equipment.


  • Dam Strengthening

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