Value Engineering

Value engineering is a multi-step process and an integral part of the design stage of a new structure. It is aimed at increasing value, defined as function divided by cost.

Our experience shows that incorporating value engineering into our design and construction process results in reduced costs and greater added value for our clients.

Ground Anchoring

Ground anchors are versatile devices used to hold, restrain and support building, civil engineering and other structures, either permanently or temporarily. As they create minimal soil disturbance during installation they can be stressed to an exact holding capacity.

Our range of bar and large multi-strand ground anchors have been designed to meet the widest range of possible applications and we can expertly install them to meet any project requirements.


Micro Piling

Micro piles are an effective alternative for use in ground conditions that are not suitable for traditional bored and driven piles, and where access is limited for large drilling rigs. Micro piles can also be used in combination with other ground modification techniques where complex site conditions and design specifications are present.

We can provide you with a micro piling solution or combine micro piling with one or more of our other ground support systems to create a bespoke and cost-effective solution to meet the unique needs of your project.

Soil Nailing

This technique is used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground. Soil nailing consists of installing closely spaced bars into a slope or excavation as construction proceeds from the top down.

From stabilising slopes to supporting excavations and repairing retaining walls, we have the design and construct experience to provide optimal soil nail solutions.


Drilling & Grouting

This technique involves the injection under pressure of a liquid or suspension into the voids of a solid mass to improve its strength and durability and reduce its permeability.

We have extensive experience in drilling and grouting projects for a wide range of structures including dams, reservoirs, tunnels and mining infrastructure.

Rock Fall & Debris Barriers

These barriers are an effective means of protecting people and structures and are positioned to intercept and stop falling rocks and other debris.

We supply the complete range of dynamic rockfall barriers, debris flow barriers and hybrid and attenuation barriers and are experienced in the installation of these barriers in challenging terrains.


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