Bridge Construction

Building a bridge is a complex undertaking and there are many factors which will affect which type of bridge is built and the construction method chosen. These include anticipated bridge loads, cost, terrain constraints and environmental impacts.

We manage all the stages of building a bridge including planning, design, construction and finishes.


Tank & Silo Construction

Above ground storage tanks can be used to hold materials such as petroleum, waste matter, water, chemicals and other hazardous materials and need to be constructed to meet strict industry standards and regulations. 

We have extensive experience in constructing tanks using both slipform and post tensioned methods and the construction of precast concrete tanks in remote regional areas.



Bridge Maintenance

An effective bridge maintenance program advocates remediation while the structure is still in a reasonable working condition. As bridges receive heavy traffic and impact damage, repairs and upgrades are required on a regular basis.

Our experience in bridge maintenance includes structural strengthening and the repair or replacement of slabs, beams, expansion joints, bearings, piles and the application of protective coatings.

Dam Strengthening

Existing dams may require strengthening and rehabilitation as a result of aging, deterioration, deficiencies in design and construction and to meet new, more stringent safety standards.

We have extensive experience in designing, engineering and installing ground anchoring systems and can also combine this with other support technologies to provide you with a bespoke solution for your asset’s specific needs.


Bridge Bearings

Bridge bearings are essential devices for transferring loads and movements from the deck to the substructure and foundations, reducing stress and helping to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge.

We supply and install a wide range of standard and customised bridge bearings including elastomeric, anchored, POT, spherical, low-friction sliding, plain pad, strip, guided elastomeric, high rotation and ILM pads.

Ground Support

Over time, the structure of the ground can become compromised due to exposure to soil movements, excavation, the weather, infrastructure changes or even seismic activity.

Our quality ground support systems include drilling and grouting, ground anchoring, soil nailing, micropiling, rock bolting and rockfall fencing.



Post Tensioning

Post-tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel as it reduces cracking, therefore fewer joints are needed. 

Our post-tensioning systems includes a range of anchorages, accessories and the necessary equipment to respond to the technical requirements for the construction of building, bridges and other structures. All multi-strand components have been designed and tested in accordance with the European code ETAG-013, enabling us to deliver world class technologies and systems to every market we service.

Slipform Systems

In slipform systems, the formwork is raised vertically in a continuous process. The structure rises continuously, supporting itself on its core and not relying on support or access from other parts of the building or permanent works. 

We can provide you with a compete slipform systems service from initial planning and design stages through to the construction phase.




Slope Stabilisation

Slopes can be stabilised by adding a surface cover to the slope, excavating and changing or regrading the slope geometry, adding support structures to reinforce the slope or using drainage to control the groundwater.

We offer the full range of slope stabilisation services including rock fall and debris flow barriers, soil nailing, rock bolting and FRP systems, shotcrete and retaining walls and erosion control

Structural Strengthening

Structural strengthening is required when a structure’s load bearing element is under pressure due to changes in applied loading conditions or because of poor construction or design inadequacy.

Structural strengthening an existing structure requires expert knowledge and strict compliance with application processes to assure structural integrity. We are highly experienced in the installation of structural strengthening systems, including code compliance works.




Value Engineering

Value engineering is a multi-step process and an integral part of the design stage of a new structure. It is aimed at increasing value, defined as function divided by cost.

Our experience shows that incorporating value engineering into our design and construction process results in reduced costs and greater added value for our clients.

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